Absolutely cracking things from Apple’s all-glass iPhone design

With the 13 Pro Max screen size somewhere in the area of ​​67 inches, the iPhone displays have been expanding for a while. Next iPhone can be quite literally nothing but a screen if a new patent filing is anything to go by. With the screen wrapping around the sides and back of the device, the release suggests that Apple is working on a completely made glass iPhone.

The device can handle more than double the size of the display without requiring the phone to be, you know, large.

As seen by PatentlyApple, the title describes the “six-dimensional glass enclosure” which appears “face and arbitrary,” despite the display of two separate glass elements. Apple says the device can feature “no scratches or bumps on the front or top”.

When browsing through programs or content, instead of being lost, interfaces can continue to ‘return’ the device, essentially double the amount of content the phone can display. And regardless of the front or top, volume keys can be located on the left side of the device, in any way the user handles it.

So what might it look like? Artists have been imagining the inside of the all-glass iPhone for a while now, and perhaps our favorite example comes courtesy of ConceptsiPhone (below). Evidence shows the extent to which a round-the-clock display can be produced, and we are very excited.

Of course, one worry is how breakable a glass iPhone can prove. Just as anyone who has ever smashed an iPhone screen will testify (guilty), a drop can ruin the display. Do we really want to end up moving around the actual slab of cracked glass? We hope that the new ceramic rock displays continue to be stronger.

As with all patents, there is no knowing whether this thing will ever become a reality. Until then, we will just have to deal with the old rectangular screen.

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