A Nigerian man in an unusual way shared an item with his girlfriend, sending her an iPhone and a disaster note

A Nigerian boy has ended his relationship with his girlfriend in a way that has sparked outrage on the internet. The man gave the sister a brand new iPhone worth at least N650k in a clean bag which was well stocked and delivered to the sister. When he opened it, however, he was surprised to see a terror note attached to the new gift, and he broke his heart. Remember to pay attention: To view Legit.ng Accounts on your Facebook Accounts Feed, go to the “Follow” tab and select “View First.” A Nigerian man has split up with his fiancée in a well-organized way, using a short text message linked to a large gift. The man, whose name could not be immediately known, picked up a new iPhone reportedly worth $ 1,000.

a ‘breakfast’ note and serve the lady. The sister unlocked the iPhone but was surprised to find a broken note again. Photo credit: @gossipmilltv. Source: Instagram lady surprised to see a scam Video revealed the moment the lady opened the gift only to find a surprising notice of withdrawal from her relative. READ ALSO A Nigerian man chases after his wife, returns a woman to her parents after discovering she is not a virgin, mentally ill PAY ATTENTION: Install our latest app for Android, read best news on Nigeria’s # 1 news app Although we do not know how long. The relationship has been around for a long time and they seem to agree that what the man did is the worst way to end the love affair. Are you organized? Some people also suggested that the whole thing was invented by the lady but some did not agree, saying it might be true, that some men could go there. Current video.

rounds on Instagram shared by @gossipmilltv. Watch the video below: Instagram users respond to @the_son_of_ayamba comment: “Congratulations on your retirement opportunity.” @dorisonos said: “You must have emphasized the person because of the phone.” @dentalpreneur_ commented: “This sorrel is cold.” @__kingmona comments: “Na kin breakup de sweet.” @omarnee said: “Did you write me, I still write your hand.” @aijay__omah says: “TikTok people and lies at 5 and 6 sha I find it hard to believe their stories.” READ ALSO KINDER GENERATION: Read more: https://www.legit.ng/people/family-relationship/1469532-video-emerge-nigerian-man-ends-things-with-girlfriend-bizzarre-way-sends – her-iphone-plus-break-note /