3 cars shown by iPhone Builder FoxConn

It has been known for some time that Foxconn, wants to get into the electronic car game, the Taiwanese electronic giant who built Apple’s iPhone. We will know more about what exactly the company has in store, on Monday.

Foxconn released a video last week showing three electric cars it plans to open on October 18 during its Hon Hai Tech Day. EV space is heating up as startups, established car companies, and technology companies – such as Foxconn – place big bets on the future without gas-powered vehicles.

The clip shows a black sedan with full-fledged light bulbs running across the front and back. If you look closely, a Pininfarina badge comes through the front, indicating that the fraudulent Italian model has made a lot of Ferraris and Maseratis has something to do with the car.

That car does not appear in the clip, but Foxconn offers a full view of the other two planned cars: an SUV and a bus.

The electronics manufacturer is not limited to your own EVs. He has been doing trades on the left and right in the automotive sector as it appears further that the future of the industry is bright.

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