1Password 8 for Mac is now available with new design and features

AgileBits has released 1Password 8 for Mac, which includes a redesigned interface and many new features. From sidebar and integration toolbar to script and image icons, the popular password manager has been redesigned to fit your MacOS Monterey interface better. A new design language is also available for 1Password for Safari on Mac.

1 Password 8 improves productivity with a new Room Access feature. Supported by a built-in Spotlight search application on macOS, Fast Access is a built-in floating panel, providing easy access to all your login information. Quick access works with keyboard shortcuts and suggest the most useful access for an active application. Autofill is supported between Mac applications and system processes, including when macOS requires your admin password. The feature can be triggered with keyboard shortcuts ⌘ in apps such as Zoom and Spotify and also works with two factor authentication codes.

The new Watchtower dashboard provides an all-in-one summary of your general password capability, discovering secure passwords, and more. 1Password 8 for Mac is available for download on the AgileBits website. One subscription is required, with an individual charge set at $ 2.99 per month for unlimited access across multiple platforms, including iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and others. I can only imagine that the good people who post on this forum will be delighted by both the new cross-platform application and the 1Password conversion to subscription fee. Something to bring joy to everyone!

Now, if only 1Password would bring back the headset jacket… (PS Call me a liar, but I like 1Password! different, and best of all it is completely rock solid confidence for years – I can never remember having an exit or glitch with it I do not know what the future will come with all this new funding they have , but for now it is an excellent work). Score: 27 votes (As | No).

I also do not understand what makes password managers more secure as… if you know the master password, you have access to ALL passwords instead of maybe a site password. Okay, two things. First, it is unbelievable (hopefully!) Using a two factor factor with a password manager. So the malicious player will need both your device (which you can identify with biometrics) AND a master password.

But just as importantly, you practice the process of having different randomly generated passwords for each task you use. So if an ID website you registered for five years ago is compromised, that loss will not allow anyone to access all your other accounts.

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