New ‘Shot on iPhone XS’ video highlights 4K, slo-mo, time-lapse capabilities

Apple on Wednesday shared the first 'Shot on iPhone' video featuring the image drawn from the iPhone XS handset just released, and accurately showed that the device could be done by skilled experts.

A short clip entitled "Experiment with iPhone XS – 4K, Slo – mo, and Time – lapse" posted as an unregistered video on Apple 's YouTube channel departed from the company' s regular iPhone promotion It is a point. Rather than simply playing the content captured with the new iPhone, today's video leads the audience to the shooting process.

Apple focuses on two iPhone photographers Donghoon J. and Sean S. who "experiment" various artistic techniques, materials and photographic processes to create beautiful, often artistic images.

"Wonderful videos taken with the new iPhone XS using water, fire, metal, and light to create these attractive scenes using 4K, Slo-mo, and Time-lapse Please look at a glance.

The first clip shows a pair bouncing a top down slow motion shot of the water droplet as well as appearing to be a hydrophobic material pulled on the active speaker. Water illuminated with ring light dances on a black substrate, a large central mass continually tears and reforms according to the vibration.

In the second experiment, it combines soap, water and corn syrup to resemble a colorful and undulating gas cloud of a distant planet. The result, or at least the result of a photography session using similar methods, seems to be a wonderful dynamic wallpaper Apple uses to emphasize iPhone XS and XR on the website.

In the third experiment, the time course of silver nitrate "growing" with scratched copper wire is shown, and in the fourth test fire occurs …

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