Make a stupid device smart – with the HomeKit push button

The cheapest way to make a stupid device smart is to leave it on and plug it into a smart outlet or power strip like Eve Energy. But if you have a device that can only be triggered by pressing or holding a button, there is now a HomeKit compatible button pusher!

It is not the first device of this type, but it is the first device fully compatible with HomeKit…


HomeKit Authority spotted the Keymitt Push.

The Keymitt Push is a robotic button push with support for HomeKit and Siri which will be launched at the end of January.

Push is like another device called SwitchBot. However, the main difference between the two is that the SwitchBot only works with Siri shortcuts. While the Keymitt Push will be full, HomeKit compatible, but it will still need the company’s Wi-Fi hub.

The device uses Bluetooth to communicate with the concentrator and acts as a button to work with your intercom, switch and even your coffee machine. With 1.6 kgf of torque, it can press any button. So if you have something that works by being in a hurry, make it smarter with this device.

The hardware appears to be identical to MicroBot Push, which works with its own iOS and Alexa app and is also available for around $ 80. However, the Keymitt version adds HomeKit compatibility.

The Keymitt model is also cheaper – in theory. We don’t yet know the US price, but it is likely to be similar to that of the euro, which is € 48.99. However, you will also need the company’s Wi-Fi hub. You can buy a set of the two devices and Keymitt’s existing smart door lock for € 228.99, which we can again hope to convert to roughly the same number in dollars.

The pack is available for pre-order now, with estimated delivery for a certain time this month.

Personally, I don’t think of anything that I would need of this – smart plugs are all I need for my stupid devices like ls and electric blankets. If you can think of the usage, let us know in the comments.

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