Make a grade: USB-C is the standard required by IT department

Make a grade It is a weekly series of Bradley Chambers involved in Apple's education. Bradley has managed Apple devices in educational environments since 2009. Based on the experience of installing and managing 100 Macs and 100 iPads, Bradley has shown how Apple's products work on scale, IT management Stories from caves, Apple's way of doing can improve products for students.

Many things are said about the transition from USB – A to USB – C. It is certainly not a challenge in the short term. It is confusing for users (and expensive) for users, but I am excited as a man to manage Macs. Yes, even in a short period of time, it is expensive and confusing. In the long run, I am in the morning Excited Standardize A single cable that dominates all of them. IT has been dealing with "dongle" for many years because it has been tightened like USB-C so far.

Even before Intel's transition, we had a dongle. The first Mac I owned was Powerbook G4 (Side note: it was a wonderful laptop). There were two dongles in the box. They were mini DVI-VGA and mini-DVI-VGA adapter. Since then, I had to deal with the "dongle life". After that laptop, I had Unibody MacBook (Mini DisplayPort). Since then it was a MacBook Air (with Thunderbolt), so I have a 2015 MacBook Pro (with Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter).

Most of the staff I support has a MacBook Air, but almost all teachers have a Thunderbolt to HDMI or Thunderbolt to VGA cable while holding a USB-A. In the short term it will be an irritating transition, but these things take time.

As a person responsible for purchasing a Mac in bulk, I am really excited about the long-term efforts of USB-C. here,

1 cable for all


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