Make a grade: BYOD should be avoided. Why are there three reasons for this?

Make a grade It is a weekly series of Bradley Chambers involved in Apple's education. Bradley has managed Apple devices in educational environments since 2009. Based on the experience of installing and managing 100 Macs and 100 iPads, Bradley has shown how Apple's products work on scale, IT management Stories from caves, Apple's way of doing can improve products for students.

If you are going straight around K-12 technology, there is no doubt the words you have heard of: BYOD. That means bringing your own device. In other words, depending on the school's technical program, the student can bring the device to the school and put it in the Wi-Fi network of the school and do class work. On the surface, this seems like a triumph for everyone. The school breaks out of the device ownership and management business, and the student brings what she wants for school. I have opposed this strategy for a long time and I would like to explain why.


Standard without standard

When teachers are planning a lesson, how do students know what kind of devices they have? Does some have iPad Pro while others have Kindle Fire? Can I get to school with iPad 2 with iOS 9? If the teacher does not have standard devices to evade, they will work on the lowest common device. Do you need to get an idea of ​​an exciting project and recognize that it needs a specific app, then search multiple app store to see if it is available?

You can see the problem here, but you may be thinking. What happens when you say BYOD? Cats (X is the specific device the school chooses). In the past few years, I will remind you of the fact that BYOD devices are not supervised by Apple.

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