macOS: Connect AirPods With a Keyboard Shortcut

Normally, connecting an AirPod to a Mac is easy and straightforward. However, connection problems may occur. How to connect AirPod to Mac with keyboard shortcut Reddit).

Connect Airpods

iPhone X and AirPod

Do not count on the case of AirPod charging your iPhone

Redditor / TurdsofWisdom has created a short script that you can use. Use a free application called Snap and start with option + A shortcut.

Bt tell (the first menu item titled "YOUR_DEVICE_NAME") in the 1 bt menu tells the application "System Events" that the "SystemUIServer" process has a menu bar (the item on the first menu bar is "bluetooth") Click. Please tell me the menu 1 If the menu item exists, click "Connect" and click the menu item "Connect". Otherwise please click bt.

Alfred, an alternative application for Spotlight, can also do this. Please open AppleScript and copy & paste the above contents. Do not forget to add your own device name.

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