Logic advantages: Easy to repair & precisely edit audio using selection-based processing

Selection based processing may not be the most exciting feature in Logic Pro X, but it certainly is one of the unknown heroes of Apple's flagship audio software. Most of the discussion about Logic Pro focuses on music production of various applications, but Selection – Based Processing is useful for everyone. SBP covered you regardless of whether or not creative FX will flourish in just the right place of the poem to make basic editing work for your next YouTube upload easier.

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SBP basically allows the user to apply the available FX to logic in a specific part of the audio region selected in the project. For example, if you need to blow out your voice, or if you have a syllable that is particularly disgusting, you can use the combination of marquee tool and SBP to complete the work immediately.

Access to this function is very easy. When you select and use a region or a part of an audio region, selection base processing is executed in the function menu at the top of the main track area. Right-click (or Control-click) the region and select from the "Process" option in the shortcut pop-up menu.

From there a floating selection based processing window is displayed. Even though it seems a bit different, basically the whole channel strip is acquired just like a regular audio track, even if it is only a specific audio region or audio region part you select.

We will explain some of the main functions of selection-based processing window.

Channel strip setting: From here, you can access and load Logic preset channel strips and your own channel strips …

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