Kuo: High preorder demand for Apple Series 4, low expectations for 5.8-inch iPhone XS

Apple interrupted the last weekend pre-order sale of iPhone and Apple products weekly, analyst Mr. Xiang Xing said that the current shipping estimate and release date of iPhone XS Max and Apple Series 4 will work fine There. 5.8 inches iPhone XS but it seems to be lower than expected.

Research note on AppleInsiderAccording to Mr. Quo, Apple's flagship iPhone XS Max's average shipping time said that the demand for premium handsets is as expected.

The release shipment returned from one week to two weeks later, according to the model, the company's "high price strategy" seems to be performing successfully. China's demand is expected to be steady as XS Max will show off the most desirable features of its demographic, with a new gold color option, dual SIM support, an oversized 6.5 inch display.

Apple 's new dual SIM solution relies on Apple and iPad' s eSIM technology, but the company can not sell its technology in China due to telecom operators' restrictions. Instead, Apple took extra steps to build a special model for Chinese consumers who support two physical SIM cards, one on each side of the SIM tray.

According to Mr. Kuo, although the average shipping time of XS Max is shorter than the shipping date of 2 to 3 weeks seen in last year's iPhone X release, the relationship with the supply chain is improved rather than the relaxed demand thinking. In this way, analysts predict that XS Max will account for 25 to 30% of new iPhone shipments.

Mr. Quo points out that the demand for the 5.8 inch iPhone XS is lower than expected and most of the successor models of iPhone X will be offered to customers on the release date. Considering this figure, analysts believe that users are more interested in iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The latter is a new middle-tier iPhone with a 6.1 inch LCD screen scheduled to be released in October.

Based on "cool demand", iPhone XS allocation quota has been reduced to 15 to 20% of shipments of all new iPhone models to 10 to 15%.

It is the iPhone XR that picks up the slack, 55 to 60% of the shipments of the new model will be 55 to 60%. Affordable pricing from $ 749 in the US and dual SIM support in the Chinese market may increase demand for aluminum iPhones.

"We expect shipment peaks of XS Max and XS in October, XR will begin shipping in October and will benefit the supply chain momentum in October." Shipment of 2H18's new iPhone We expect that the number will be slightly increased from the same period last year to 75 to 80 million units. "

Finally, Apple Series 4 shows better performance than Apple, which shows multiple out-of-models in participating launching countries. Mr. Kuo thinks that interest in new functions such as advanced cardiac monitoring and electrocardiogram function is increasing.

Currently Apple 's ECG support is limited to the United States which secured FDA clearance for over – the – counter sales and is not scheduled later this year. Jeff Williams of Apple COO said at the time of its announcement that the company is working on bringing ECG functions to other countries, but does not present the timeline at release.

Kuo predicts Apple shipments will reach 18 million units in 2018 and Series 4 will account for 50-55% of the total.

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