Jackery portable power solutions’s keep your MacBook running all day

The power outage on our iPhone, iPad, MacBook or other Apple kit is up there in our list of the world’s biggest frustrations. You don’t realize how much you use these devices until you can’t anymore, but there are times when it’s not only boring, but downright disturbing.

JackeryThe line of portable power plants and solar panels is designed for the outdoor enthusiast, and finding yourself in sticks with no way to communicate with them at home or power your navigation devices can be worrisome, especially when you are away from home longer than expected.

The good news is that things don’t necessarily have to be this way, and by using Jackery products, you will never run out of power again, even when you are hundreds of kilometers from a power outlet.

His Explorer Portable Power Plants and SolarSaga solar panels work independently or as part of a whole, and are ideal for anyone who would be lost without their Apple devices and other electronic gadgets.

More power than you can handle

Essentially a gigantic power bank, the Explorer 240 portable powerhouse is the mid-range model that includes the low capacity Explorer 160 and the higher capacity Explorer 500, offering here a 240 Wh lithium-ion battery in a robust but easily portable 6.6 lb shell. With a practical carrying handle, it is the ideal travel companion and ideal for fishing trips and other outdoor activities.

Aside from the huge capacity, something that is really important to us is the inclusion by the power plant of a 110 V AC outlet. Using this you can directly plug n & # 39; No matter what with a two-pin power outlet, as long as it consumes less than 200 W. It’s not enough to plug in an electric kettle or hairdryer, but it does offer a line very practical life for gadgets that do not charge on USB or can charge faster on AC.

But the Power Station doesn’t replace USB – it does, too, with two full-size USB outputs and a 12V car port. You can keep track of all the energy entering and leaving the station, as well as the amount of energy remaining, using the handy LCD screen at the front of the station. ;apparatus.

At $ 249.99, the Explorer 40 is a must-have for all lovers of cing or hiking.

Click here to purchase the Jackery Explorer 240 portable power plant.

Never run out of power on your iPhone or iPad again

Jackery SolarSaga 60W solar panel

All power banks, even the most sophisticated like the Explorer 240 portable power plant, end up running out of power. At this point, you then transport an unnecessary brick.

However, by combining the Power Station with a solar charger, you can keep it recharged indefinitely. If you wanted to, you would never have to plug your iPhone or iPad into an electrical outlet again, saving you money on your electric bill and doing your part. for the environment.

Solar panels work best on very hot and sunny days, but most people don’t realize that they can also work in cloudy conditions. Jackery’s SolarSaga 60W solar panel (also available in 50W and 100W versions) stands out for its high conversion efficiency of up to 23.7%, which means that it makes the most of the rays that It can pick up.

The design is super practical, light (at 3.3 lbs) and durable. With two folds, it can go down to a third of its size, and there is both a rubber handle and a kickstand for easier transport and positioning to ensure you reach the optimal angle to capture the sun’s rays.

The Explorer 240 portable powerhouse and SolarSaga 60W solar panel make up the ultimate portable power pack, but these devices also work well independently of each other. The solar panel includes a full-size USB port and a USB-C output, allowing you to directly connect the devices you want to charge.

Click here to purchase the Jackery SolarSaga 60W solar panel for $ 179.99.

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