iPhone XS selfie cam is so beautiful it spawned an ugly conspiracy theory

The iPhone XS and its front camera are supposed to help owners make better self-portraits. However, some users think that the iPhone self-self looks better than himself.

Users join the Internet Forum like Reddit and ask if Apple has added an unpublished beauty filter to the front camera of iPhone XS and XS Max. There are also side-by-side self-mobile phones taken with XS and old handsets to make the case that the latest iPhone has deeper pixels and the portrait mode is improved.

One Reddit user was also called a new mysterious "Beautygate".

The self of the iPhone never looks very good

The pictures we compared show the blur of the wound, the addition of a hue of pink color to the skin, and the light shine of the paint.

There is plenty of explanation. How did the new sensor capture the warm color, I thought that pink skin is depicting Smart HDR? One Reddit wrote that it turned off its function and saw a slight difference in self-money.

A row of interesting theories about Reddit 's iPhone XS frontal camera has begun.
Photo: chemicalsam / Reddit

But beauty filter theory, Reddit and MacRumors Forums over the past few days.

YouTube channel organizer, Lewis Hilsenteger Unbox TherapyIt was the first time that I looked at the critical view of XS's front camera. "Is it my real skin color?" He asks someone outside the camera. "I am more vivid than usual – there is no such thing as a zombie, I do not know if I believe it or not.

iPhone self-service

Even though Android phones, including the line of Samsung Galaxy, had a beauty filter with a smartphone camera, Apple was out of such a gimmick. There are many applications that filter ugly ones.

The pretty face you did not have is likely to be the result of noise reduction technology on the new mobile phone.

Apple is meeting the demands of camera performance at low light levels. Digital noise occurs when the camera sensor tries to record available light. In some cases, the area of ​​the scene is dark, the sensor picks up the stray electric signal and may wind around as a spot of colorful grain.

Expert photographers in software such as Photoshop and Lightroom can reduce image noise using a series of sliders that adjust brightness and color details.

The noise reduction tool removes such illegitimate pixels, but the result often leaves a somewhat soft finish that is smooth on the picture.

The average iPhone user does not necessarily stop sophisticated production on that picture. Apple is trying to solve it within this camera using a larger sensor and a new image signal processor that is part of the A12 Bionic chip.

If Apple looks proper, you can quietly respond to smooth self-service with iOS update, dialing some of its softness and glow. Future iPhone noise reduction will be better and your face will return to normal.

As of now, I can see how good you look.

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