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iPhone advertisement appeals to young people, confusing elders

Apple's latest TV advertisement is fast, colorful, fast paced. However, according to a market research company survey, baby boomers and others feel that these advertisements are not targeted at them.

Analysts have theorized that this is because Apple is not trying to promote the iPhone to people other than young people.

This is not because the company is a senior citizen, but because it determines whether the elderly already wants an iPhone or Android, it will not be shaken by advertisements. UserTesting wrote in a new report that "Smartphone brand preference and loyalty is strong and difficult to change." Why is Apple's new iPhone advertisement annoying?

That's why Apple 's advertising goal is to get the eye out for very young people before locking on iOS and Android. "CX [consumer experience] According to the survey, we found that brand loyalty and consciousness may be set before participants can not afford to buy their phones, "UserTesting wrote.

The response to iPhone advertising varies with age

Market analysts recently revealed to 200 customers of the iPhone and Android that Generation Z was divided into two groups with generation Z being 18-25 years old and baby booster being over 55 years old. Advertisement Battle of stickers, unlock,and Fly Market.

People's reaction depended greatly on the age group dependence. "UserTesting has reported that many iOS and Android users in the Boomers age group feel that advertising is not targeted," he says.

One ad was particularly inadequate. "The biggest difference is, Battle of stickerAccording to analysts, 73% of BoOS Android customers accounted for 30% of iOS, which reported that the products displayed in the ads were not related. This advertisement was called "ridiculous" and "chaotic" by Boomers.

In contrast, after seeing Fly Market33% of Gen Z Android customers, this product strongly …

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