iOS 12: Manage Notifications with Instant Tuning

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If you get a lot of notifications from a specific app, device, or service, Notification Center will ask you if you want to change how you get those those alerts. Manage Just tap it to adjust your settings.

Notification Center Instant Tuning in iOS 12 on iPhone

Instant Tuning for Notifications in iOS 12

The options you get are Deliver Quietly and Turn OffHere's what they do:

Notifications: Deliver Quietly

Settings a specific notification to Delivery Quietly It will not appear on your iPhone or iPad lock screen like other notifications.

Notifications: Turn Off

The Turn Off option does exactly what you thing: it disables all notifications for the app, device, or service.

Managing Notifications with a Swipe

Just swipe to the left on the stack to reveal the Manage button. You'll also get View and Clear options which makes it easy to declutter Notification Center without deleting everything.

If you later later decide you need more prominent notifications just head over to the Settings app and tap NotificationsYou can re – enable notifications you previously turned off, and change how they're displayed, too.

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