iOS 12: How to Add QR Code Scanning to Control Center

In iOS 11, scanning of QR code has been added to the camera application, and in iOS 12 the function has become clearer with a new control center tile. How do you enable this and why do you want to do so?

The camera application automatically scans the QR code when looking at the QR code, and iOS 12 does the same thing. You can scan the code by scanning the code only where necessary in the location of iOS 12's Net Control Center tile. The method of enabling is as follows.

To enable the QR code scanner tile of the control center, do the following.

  • to start Configuration Apps
  • Tap Control Center
  • Tap Customize control
  • Click the green plus sign next to Scan QR Code
iOS 12 QR code scanner tile setting

The iOS 12 control center contains QR code scanner tiles

Using the QR code scanner tile of the control center, you can switch only when using the scan.

Bonus tip: To display the QR code scanner option, you can also 3D touch (strongly press) the camera application icon. The advantage of having it at the control center is that you do not have to first look for the screen on which the app is located.

iOS 12 QR Code Scanner Control Center Tile

iOS 12 Control Center QR code scanner tile (left) and camera icon menu option (right)

Additional bonus chips: How do you turn off automatic QR code scanning? It's easy, and for those who are worried that they do not want to scan the code by mistake, they are probably a bit more secure.

To turn off automatic QR code scanning on iOS 11 and iOS 12, do the following:

  • to start Configuration Apps
  • Tap camera
  • To erase Scan QR Code
Automatic QR code scan setting for camera application on iPhone

Automatic QR code scanning can be turned off with the camera application of iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 is currently a developer and a public beta version. This fall, official public release will be released as a free upgrade for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users.

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