iOS 12: How to Add a Second Person to Face ID

Face ID of iPhone X can unlock your smartphone with your face, but it is limited to one person. It will change on iOS 12. If you add another face, someone will be able to unlock your iPhone. The way to set it is as follows.

Face ID is a function introduced in iPhone X's iOS 11, it scans the face, not the fingerprint like Touch ID, unlocks the phone and authenticates purchase. Touch ID supports multiple fingerprints, but face ID before iOS 12 supports only one face.

On iOS 12 you can add a second face to Face ID, but its features are hidden under what Apple calls "Alternate Appearance".

To add a second person to the face ID of iOS 12, do as follows.

  • to start Configuration Apps
  • Tap Face ID and Passcode
  • Please enter passcode
  • Tap Set alternate appearance
  • Tap Start
Alternate appearance setting of face ID of face ID iOS 12

Non-display setting of iOS 12 for adding second person to face ID

Your iPhone X can scan the second face of Face ID. This allows you to scan yourself the first time you wake up, so that others can unlock your iPhone, or if the bed face in the morning is particularly bad.

Points to be noted are as follows. It is not possible to delete only one face from Face ID. If you decide that a person you add to your iPhone should not access Face ID, you need to completely reset Face ID and start over.

[[[[iPhone X: How to reset face ID]

[[[[To disable the face ID of a specific application, please follow the steps below]

iOS 12 is currently in the development beta testing phase with developers. This fall, the official release will be released, and it will be a free upgrade for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users.

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