iOS 12.1 will bring Dual SIM feature to iPhone XS and XS Max

When iPhone Dual SIM support comes up on iOS 12.1, you can use two service plans simultaneously with Apple's latest model.
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When the model of iPhone XS arrived last week, the expected function could not be used, but Apple is hard to realize dual SIM with these new mobile terminals. This cutting-edge feature is included in the first iOS 12.1 Beta.

IPhone XS and XS Max can connect to two mobile carriers at the same time when the full version of the operating system update is released in the second half of this autumn.

This is possible because both devices support two SIMs. In most cases, the first account is associated with eSIM and the second account can be added with nano-SIM.

For devices running iOS 12.1, a new option has been added to the cellular panel of the configuration application. "Add a cellular plan" carries out only what the user is expecting. This allows the user to enter details from the second wireless service plan.

As it is not confusing, this feature is only available on iPhone XS and XS Max, it can not be used on older models. It will not be on the iPhone XR.

Benefits of iPhone Dual SIM

This advanced feature allows users to have business numbers and personal numbers. Also, when traveling to a country other than your country, you can easily add regional service plans. Alternatively, you can use different service plans for data and voice calls.

Both numbers can be active at the same time. If you arrive on one line while you are on the other line, you will only be voicemail.

AT, T, Verizon, and T-Mobile all support eSIM, but rarely. Sprint is the only holdout in the Big for America career.

Apple's website has a list of carriers around the world that will support eSIM.

coming soon?

iPhone dual SIM support will arrive at iOS 12.1, but we do not know when it will be introduced. Apple recently just released the first beta version.

Another new feature that appears in this operating system update is Group FaceTime, which allows multiple people to chat at the same time. This is also included in iOS 12.1 beta 1.

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