In Mobile Payment Security and Privacy, Apple Pay Blows Away Competition

Because mobile payment applications are rapidly spreading, it makes sense to ask about its safety and safety. Consumer report I examined it. On the other hand, Apple Pay received the best declaration by Consumer Reports. On the other hand, in this next article placing extensive analysis wrappers around the discussion, [have been raised] About the lack of buyer protection for Zelle users deceived by crooks. " "90 million Americans use mobile pay application, is it safe?

Apple Pay AMEX

Apple Pay Imitators

The problem is that, like me, our mobile app is designed to completely hide the movement in the background. Although the mobile application user interface has been cute and attractive for many years, the speed of the device's processor and Internet connection involves all kinds of riots to developers, violates privacy, steals data not dreamed of infringing privacy I ended up with it. iOS is doing a good job to prevent it.

In addition, there is no visibility about the security practices used. Analysis of the application is more for ease of use and hope realization. In other words, despite doubts that the Developer Agenda will always deprive us of our best traditional interests, we hope that best practices will be used.

It is difficult to distinguish these mobile payment services from face value. That's why we need special care and research. Analysis Consumer report Helpful

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