If you have an iPhone X, should you upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

iPhone XS and XS Max pre-orders have just begun, and if you own iPhone X you may wonder if you are worth placing an order. Since there are many questions of AppleInsider, let’s talk about it.

In my case, I have an iPhone 8 Plus. I am upgrading. My cohort Max has iPhone X, and I am transitioning to a new model by ordering iPhone XS Max.

There are many differences between iPhone 8 and iPhone XS, but when you compare the latest release with iPhone X, it will be fewer. It is worth investigating whether it is worth through all the different things between iPhone X and iPhone XS.

Vote and opinion

Regardless of whether they admit it or not, many people want to know whether others have the latest iPhone. And iPhone XS looks almost like iPhone X. It seems to be the most popular model based on opinion poll AppleInsider I ran on that YouTube channel.

Most people who are upgrading from iPhone X may be bundled with XS Max just because XS Max gets bigger. In the survey given to YouTube when the pre-release began, most had selected XS Max, but interestingly it is interesting that iPhone XS is physically the same as iPhone X, so it is interesting.

“To be honest, I am going to stick to my iPhone X,” he commented. “I can not justify using the $ 2000 Canadian dollar for a larger gold reproduction”

Of course, as it is just one opinion, let’s see the actual difference between iPhone X and iPhone XS.

A big picture

iPhone XS’s greatest benefit is probably a new dual camera system. Together with the new true tone flash, we have a new sensor with deeper pixels that enables low-light photography. Optical camera shake correction is played with both lenses, but the iPhone X has this with a high-speed lens opening.

The image signal processor works with the neural engine to improve the software aspect of the camera, making things like portrait blur more accurate. On iPhone X, however, only by running the iOS 12 beta version, significant improvement in portrait blur was seen.

Nonetheless, software improvements should stand out.

The biggest new features are Bokeh and Depth Control, you can adjust the blur and depth of the background after taking a picture. With this function alone, the photograph seems to be prominent, so many people will convince the upgrade.

Smart HDR is also added, increases the dynamic range with a new sensor by 60%, and reduces motion blur due to zero shutter delay. On the video side, dynamic range and software improvements are enhanced, and ultimately audio can be recorded in stereo.

While improvements are certainly being welcomed, the iPhone X aly is taking pictures that are amazing enough for almost everyone.

It is not a big leap

Apple boasted about the Super Retina display and its wide color gamut, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision support, iPhone X supports it all. The displays are literally identical.

Also, iPhone XS has improved Face ID performance, but what you might not know is that the Face ID speed is being enhanced with iPhone 9 (on September 17 Release schedule). There is not enough improvement to make enough contracts for the upgrade.

Of course there is a new A12 processor. To be honest, iPhone X is one of the fastest mobile phones there and you can easily do something on the App Store so that even if the performance of XS is improved iPhone X will not undo you. In any case Also.

In terms of battery life, iPhone XS lasts 30 minutes longer than iPhone X, but this is not a big deal. On the other hand, iPhone XS Max takes one and a half hours, so you can definitely get someone’s attention.

Water resistance also rose to IP68, but raising the depth of the water surface to 2 meters may not reach 2 meters. The iPhone X can last for 30 minutes, but it is 1 meter deep, which exceeds 3 feet deep.

In short, this means that iPhone XS will be protected if iPhone XS is dropped near the deep end of the pool. In either case, it is rare for most people.

iPhone XS is excellent in durability and scratch resistance, but almost every year it sounds the same, the iPhone’s glass is still broken. That’s glass!

Apple also said that the stereo feel of the speaker expanded, but it is due to software changes, I feel the iPhone X speakers are the best among smartphones.

iPhone XS speeds up wireless charging, but Apple does not specify how much money it is, so it does not look like a big improvement. iPhone X supports 7.5 W wireless charging, and I guess iPhone XS supports up to about 10 W, but no one knows until Apple actually shipped.

There is also a dual SIM, which is good for people’s small market, but that alone is not worth upgrading.

In the real world there is also an improvement in LTE speed, but most people will not notice a big difference. All new models support the first 600 MHz spectrum of T-Mobile, also known as band 71. As a result, users of iPhone XS in the city may improve signal strength compared to iPhone X.

So, many of these improvements may not be worth it alone, but when packed together someone can look out.

Upgradeable discussion

In my personal opinion, unless you truly want that gold, if you own iPhone X it is not worth upgrading. Financially it is not worth it. Because iPhone X is functioning well in virtually all areas.

If money is not a concern for you, the upgrade decision is much easier.

Those who love large screens are worthy of moving to XS Max, but in most cases they pay for the display and get all other small improvements as well.

Upgrading iPhone X to iPhone XS of similar color will have the same feel and appearance, so there are few visible benefits. In general, it is a situation that people feel a difference when using money, and moving from iPhone X to iPhone XS may be just like a downturn.

You can certainly feel the difference with XS Max and justify purchasing for many people.

If you just have iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS Max are not worth upgrading.

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