ICloud 2020 Wish List Shows How Apple Evolved Services

iCloud is an essential part of the Apple experience. When you get a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV, connecting to iCloud is one of the first steps. iCloud is now also a crucial part of document, photo and video management. iCloud is not perfect, however. Last year we saw the announcement and the delay in sharing iCloud folders. This feature is something that Google Drive and Dropbox have had for years. There are always random bugs with contact synchronization if the person’s image is too large. I thought about how I want to see iCloud evolve, so I found my iCloud 2020 wish list.

File sharing

This feature is obvious to be at the top of the list. We know Apple is working on it, and it could be added to macOS, iOS, and iPadOS at any time. For many collaborative use cases, folder sharing is a crucial feature. Users do not want to receive shared links by email. Apple must implement this functionality in a way that just works. If he leaves the door with synchronization problems, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box will be the solutions that will benefit. Users who need folder sharing should be able to do so in early 2020. As I mentioned earlier, this feature was in the beta versions of iOS 13, but was removed as the public version got closer.

The iCloud Drive system was revised during the beta period of iOS 13, adding features such as folder sharing and the ability to pin files to stay downloaded. However, many beta testers have reported data loss and corruption issues. Apple reinstated the iCloud Drive demon in the last seeds before iOS 13 moved to Golden Master, as part of a larger campaign to stabilize the operating system in time for launch in September.

Family sharing for iCloud photos

I think I’ve written about this feature every year since the release of iCloud Photos. This is the number one item on my iCloud wish list. To summarize, here is the problem of families. If I take a photo of my kids on my iPhone using my iCloud account. The only way for my wife to get it is to add it to a shared album, send it to AirDrop or send it via iMessage. Although all of these work for a single photo, there is no way for families to share all of their libraries. In March, I wrote about some possible solutions

Connect to another iCloud photo account for family sharing accounts

A little-known feature of iOS is that you can use an App Store account different from your normal iCloud connection. I take advantage of this because the purchase of my main application is an old Gmail account that I had before iCloud was even a product. This feature is actually related to family sharing because I share purchases from this account with the rest of my family. Apple could allow users who want a single library to connect to an iCloud photo library different from their primary iCloud account. In my situation, I would just like my wife to log into my iCloud account for photos. So that she could “junk” in my library with random photos, I could easily …

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