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How to write a killer report with Pages for Mac and iPad

Today, we will use the new features of Pages 4.0 to create a breathtaking report. If you need to write a book report, or create a longer document for school or work, the new Master Pages feature of the free Apple word processing software will be extremely helpful.

With Pages, it’s easier than ever to look at documents with almost no effort.

How to Create Documents in Pages

Since Pages offers the same functionality on both iPad and Mac (and even iPhone), you can follow this tutorial on any device you like. The latest update of Pages, which extends Apple Pencil support on iPad, also includes excellent templates for book creation. We could use any of these as a starting point. After all, what’s a report, but a thin book, is not it?

However, today we will start from scratch. We will create a main page so that you can see exactly how things work. This will allow you to write a report that looks good and is easy to produce.

How page layouts work

First, a quick note on the concepts of word processing and layout. When you open a word processor and start typing, it behaves like a typewriter. The page is a big box and you work from top to bottom.

If you want to start your text halfway through the page, you can not (unless you press return multiple times). If you have a page with a large image in the middle and you delete that image, all the text appears to fill the space, the text on the next page moves to fill that space, and so on.

This approach does not work for complex layouts, as you see in magazines. To do this, you must use Page Layout mode. In this mode, the text lives in boxes that can be resized and moved anywhere on the page. Images and videos also live in boxes, which can be placed wherever you want. Resizing or removing a box does not affect other areas. You can also set the text to move from one box to another.

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