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How to use Apple Pencil with Pages on iPad: Smart Annotations, drawings

In Pages 4.0 for iPad, you can use Apple Pencil for more than just typing items. You can now use two new exclusive iOS features in Apple’s word processing software. Smart Annotations allows you to mark text as a teacher would – mark red lines using words, execute a highlighter on a sentence, and so on. And a new drawing mode means that you can easily add a sketch to a page by tapping it with the pencil

The drawing function is neat and puts the pages online with the Apple Notes app. . But Smart Annotations will change the game for many people because it reproduces what many people prefer to do on paper. Here’s how to take advantage of the new features of Pages.

Drawing in Pages for iPad

To add a drawing to the body of a Pages document, simply tap the Apple pencil on the screen and start drawing. This first support opens a resizable panel in which you can draw. If you prefer (or if you do not use the Apple pencil), you can tap the + icon at the top right, then choose the symbols panel (the one that allows you to add animal templates and cars), then press the Drawing button at the bottom.In drawing mode, you will see a familiar but different tool panel at the bottom of the screen. These allow you to choose pencils, erasers and paint, and also to choose a color. But the panel options go beyond the usual instant tagging tools found in other parts of iOS 11. For example, an appropriate color picker allows you to not limit yourself to four colors, plus black and white. You can also adjust the tools by touching them a second time. In most cases, you can adjust the size and opacity of the pen, pencil, or pen.Once you have completed your drawing, simply press Done. It then becomes a normal Pages object, which can be moved to different locations and resized.The new super-intuitive page-drawing tools make it easy to add quick illustrations to your work.

Smart annotations in pages

Smart annotations can be the best new feature of Pages. It allows you to tag the text using the Apple pencil by simply picking up the stylus and using it. You do not need to launch a special mode or touch a button (although there is a button if you insist on doing it that way). You just start writing, as if you were tagging text on real paper with a real pen.
For publishers, this changes the situation. It’s so much easier to mark things up like using well-designed PDF markup tools. In the book publishing sector, editors are still using paper kitchens for final adjustments.

The big difference between smart annotations and paper is the smart part. These annotations are related to text, not paper. In other words, if you modify the text, the annotations remain with. For example, if you highlight a phrase and then edit that phrase, the highlight remains.

The Smart Annotations feature is still in beta, so some things do not work all the time. I’m sure I’ve copied and pasted a paragraph, for example, and the highlighting moved with it. But when I try again, I can not make it work.

Smart Annotations: A Game Change for Publishers

You can export the annotated document in PDF format and the annotations remain with it. You can also share a document for collaboration via iCloud. People with whom you share it will be able to see your Smart Annotations and create new ones if they wish.

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