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How to Speed up Safari Browser on iPhone iOS

Safari is one of the fastest browsers in the market, both desktop computers and mobile devices, but over time can become obstructed. Keeping things in shape involves a touch of maintenance from time to time, so here are some tips to make sure Safari stays as fast as possible.

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If you have problems with your Mac in general, you can also see How to speed up a slow Mac guide. And there is also how to speed up a slow iPhone for those on iOS.

Methods: Speed up Safari Browser on iPhone

Restart the application

The simplest solution for a low performance application is usually to close it and recharge it. To do this, double click on the Start button to display the menu of recently used applications.

IPhone X users have a different method, which is to drag the small bar at the bottom of the screen up and then keep it pressed until the recently used applications appear.

Now, slide Safari to close it. Press the Start button one more time to return to the home screen or slide down on the iPhone X, then run Safari. If things go well, you should now regain your former glory.

Delete history

One quick thing to try if you discover that your iPhone or iPad is struggling with Safari is erasing the story. When you use the browser, it stores information about the sites you visit, which can accumulate over time. A good cleaning again can improve performance and speed things up.

To clear the history, open the Settings application and scroll down to find Safari. Press this button, scroll down and you will see Clear history and website data written in blue.

Close all open tabs

In theory, open tabs should not affect things too much, since they all remain in a suspended state when they are not selected. But, as is the case with electronic devices, shutting them down sometimes can give a good surprise in terms of performance.

To close the old tabs, open Safari, and then touch and hold the two squares in the lower right corner. A menu will appear, from which you must select Close all tabs [X].

Keep Safari updated

Before testing the different optimisation techniques, update Safari if it is not the current version.

Apple spends a lot of time developing the core technology used by Safari. Having the latest version of Safari is one of the best ways to guarantee a fast and responsive Safari experience.

Safari updates are related to the version of Mac OS X or macOS that you are using. To keep Safari updated, you must keep the Mac operating system updated. If you are a big user of Safari, it is convenient to keep OS X or macOS updated.

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