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How to enable iPhone Photos extensions

Photo filters can be subtle or ... not.

Photo filters can be subtle or … not.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel / Cult of Mac

The Apple Photos application offers a very good set of editing tools. On Mac and iOS, you can select filters or perform a quick fix using the automatic function. You can also immerse yourself in tools as complete as on iOS.

These tools compete with many desktop photo apps, but sometimes you want to do something extraordinary. Maybe you have a favorite filters application. Or you want to combine two photos side by side in one image or superimpose one image on another. Or use an app that allows you to remove distractions in the frame, such as power lines, cars or garbage. Then you have to turn to the Photos extensions.

Photo extensions in the application Photos

Photo extensions are small applications that live in the Photos application. You use them as any other built-in editing tool. Often these extensions are small versions of a standard application on your iPhone. (Pixelmator is a good example of this kind.)

The other type is an application that exists only to be an extension of the Photos application. You can launch the application, but there will be only a contact page and maybe some preferences. Flare is a good example of this type.

The good thing about photo extensions is that they work on the existing photo, instead of making you register a new version. You can edit and re-edit the same image with as many …



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