High school student hacked to Apple server and downloaded 90 GB "safe file"

Australian high school students repeatedly hacked Apple's servers and downloaded 90 GB files as "secure files". Teenage boys have also been told that they have accessed customer accounts …

Nord VPN

Age A boy who is unable to name it for legal reasons is 16 years old and reports that hack started when it continued for a while. His access includes "an authorized key [which] Allow login access to users

Apple finally detected unauthorized access and reported it to the FBI. When the cause of the invasion goes back to Australia, the Australian Commonwealth Police (AFP) joined the international survey.

Teenagers, who are said to be famous for their hacking community, tried to avoid tracing with VPN and other tools, but the Apple system recorded the serial number of the attacking MacBook.

Two Apple laptops were pressed and the serial number matched the serial number of the device that accessed the internal system.

Mobile phones and hard drives were seized and the IP address was consistent with intrusion into the organization.

Interestingly, the downloaded material was saved in the folder "Happy Hack Hack".

Teenagers are convicted and sentenced to next month. Student attorneys said the boy was a fan of the company and wanted to work there, he said that he had made an attack – a prospect now unexpected.

Via MacRumors. Photo: WSJ.

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