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Group this week's loop, Icro, and other amazing apps

This week we will make sweet and sweet music at The Loop, relax in a meditative cycle and post all the photos with a new version of Icro.


Cycle is a metaphor for opportunities you missed in your life.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Cycle is a relaxed, meditative music app for iPhone and iPad. This application is called "time lag accumulator". Play the notes with a simple keyboard and these notes will be repeated over and over again and again. As a result, you can get hypnotic, relaxed and creative things at the same time. Please keep the tension while playing. Just try it.


download: Cycle from the App Store (iOS)

Group loops

Group loop group loops.
Group loop group loops.
Photo: Group loops

Group loops are loop apps for musicians and you can host the effects of Audio Unit v3.

With GTL, loops can be recorded in groups (hence the name). Since these groups can be switched on or off on the fly, you can have groups for song poetry and groups for chorus.

The new version supports full drag and drop, so you can drag music tracks from the file application or drag loops between groups. Ableton Link is also huge. Ableton Link is a way for music applications to play at different times and synchronize with the beat of the music bar. In fact, by doing this, you can play many apps at the same time at the same time and arrange them all perfectly.

There are many more things in this app, but I use this in the past week. check it out.

price: $ 7.99

download: Group loops from the App Store (iOS)


Icro is currently taking pictures.
Icro is currently taking pictures.
Photo: Martin Hartl

Icro is a client application of like service, you can chat widgets and follow others …

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