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Goodbye by returning to My Mac with macOS Mojave

For those who are fans of Back to My Mac, I have bad news. Apple is killing such remote access applications.

The good thing is that Apple is doing it because all the features are being replaced by new options.

When I returned to My Mac, I debuted in 2007. This allows users to access files stored on one computer from another computer. We also offer screen sharing so that people sitting on one Mac can use the display, keyboard, and mouse to operate the remote Mac.

But Apple notifies users about the imminent death of Back to My Mac. We prepared support documents for people to prepare.

iCloud drive does not return to My Mac

To access files on remote computers, we recommend using iCloud drives on all Macs.

"When you turn on the iCloud drive, the file will be automatically uploaded to iCloud, saved securely there and available for all devices.Save desktop and document folder options on iCloud drive to iCloud as well You can now access all files at any time on any device at any time, "he says in the support document.

We do not have screen sharing yet

One of the features of Back to My Mac is attractive. Apple says to users: "If you have multiple Macs, you can use one Mac to remotely view and manipulate other Macs, that is, open and move files and windows You can close it, you can use the application, even if you are in a different location you can use it.

Screen sharing is a basic tool. Apple Remote Desktop It is available to network administrators who need to maintain a large number of computers. Teachers are often used to operate Macs in the classroom.

Returning to My Mac is not included in the macOS Mojave Beta provided by Apple for testing.

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