Germany’s Finance Minister Wants Tech Giants To Pay Higher Taxes

In the German newspaper editorial, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, sets a minimum corporate tax rate is a global multinational corporations like Apple to pay the tax benefit proportionate to the country's made.the European Union (EU) has long been trying to stop technology giants for many reasons each and every one of them that make all the money they pay to the plan to extend the profits to minimize the. country.

SCHOLZ Well it is Saturday the wider part to remove it, so that it is in conformity with the tax rates across the EU. And this is the protract the war was a member of the less popular, in those countries where the tax levels lower, so that Ireland.

"We need a minimum level of global revenue for the state, we can not go down," Scholz said in a statement. He pointed to the Internet exacerbated developer & # 39; a problem that we are trying to solve that recognize the globalization and the placement of the low-tax profits belts. "

It is not known whether these things seriously in my mind as to the little book from every part of it was given. However, the fact that the state is one of the most powerful older EU member countries to this opinion suggests that there is a good possibility.

Apple vs. the US

Tribute to the efforts to introduce the changes of or alliances This is the first advantage is redistributing some of them they do not and serve under tribute. Earlier this year, French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, the tax policy is a global technology multinationals to 2-6% of its revenue. "It's a start," he said at the time.

In August 2016 the EU had paid to Apple's tax bill of 13 billion euros ($ 15.5 billion), saying that it would crowd out state aid. Profit is it wrong for allowing it, in its passage through Ireland. The investigation, which was paid Apple is hardly equivalent to 0.005% of the European benefit for all in 2014.

Apple's we receive a full amount, although in the latter and is blocked by the operation of, as far as in the courtyard of the case is settled. In January 2018, with Apple Europe each pay an additional $ 186 million, including the after tax constituted a "good reputation". It HM revenue and customs and tax collection UK consumer.

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