Galaxy A7 one-ups Apple with three-camera smartphone

Samsung's latest camera has three cameras.
Photo: Samsung

With camera upgrades, some Apple fans are considering paying MacBook prices on the iPhone, but Samsung announced a 3 camera smartphone that will be sold for about $ 400 today.

Samsung's Galaxy A 7 2018 has been told that Apple is subscribing to Huawei's P20 Pro as the only mobile phone with a third retrograde lens.

The Galaxy A7 will be released this fall, in Europe and Asia, the US release date has not been announced yet. This announcement was announced before the product scheduled for October 11. Samsung said that it can save premium terminals equipped with rumored four cameras.

Galaxy A7: decent camera specifications for budget shoppers

The third camera of the midrange Samsung mobile phone is probably not enough to be switched by a serious iPhone photographer. But the function of the camera need only give faint praise to shoppers of many budgets to consider A7.

Apple's iPhone XS and XS Max are standing in front of enthusiastic users who have ordered them in advance this week. The new iPhone is Apple's most expensive one, ranging from $ 999 to more than $ 1,400 depending on the model.

A price tag of $ 400 has the potential for Samsung to dominate in markets like India and China.

The specification of the Galaxy A 7 camera is as follows.

  • 24 megapixel main rear facing back f / 1.7 wide angle lens.
  • 8 MP super wide-angle f / 2.4 lens with a view of 120 degrees.
  • A 5 MP depth lens, in conjunction with the 24 MP camera, provides an adjustable background blur, a calculated version of blur, to the portrait.
  • 24MP front face camera for private use also equipped with adjustable depth of field.
  • Pixel-binning combines information from four pixels into one, improving the quality of exposure, color, and detail. Samsung Electronics said that pixel binning will improve images at low illumination.

Supply chain indicators suggest several smart phones with multiple cameras in the pipeline. Even prototypes of the future camera company Light have seven lenses and nine lenses.

This is exciting for photographers who can rely more on phone cameras to compensate for work with conventional cameras. An extra camera, combined with an improved sensor, can improve quality and add a telephoto lens.

Extra lenses can also enhance the reality technology of each camera. As more cameras can record more detailed and highly pursued data about that user, there is also the effect of privacy.

Design snow suffering from the size of the uplift of the camera may be incomprehensible in a few years.

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