Ferrite Recording Studio 2.0 is a podcaster’s dream

If you need to record, talk, and edit podcasts, audio interviews, etc., you may well know about Ferrite Recording Studio. With an application designed for exact purpose, you can easily collect and edit "footage" of audio and easily deliver it to your chosen outlet.

Version 2.0 has just been released, and the functionality of the application has been improved more than ever.

Ferrite Recording Studio

This application is a one stop shop for making podcasts. There is an excellent tool for recording audio and editing that audio quickly. For ferrite, the main editing interface is a multitrack view like GarageBand, but we focus on editing clips finely as efficiently as possible.

Advanced tools do not impair ease of use.
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In the music production application, I want to spend time on each side of the song and tune it until it is perfect. In podcasts and radios, we want to use materials as soon as possible while maintaining high quality.

The excellent new features of version 2.0 are as follows.

  • 8 band equalizer
  • Project template
  • Auto leveling and noise reduction

There are many more, but this is a really useful addition. EQ is self explanatory. You can now adjust the track of the application itself. This is not only to improve the sound quality, but also to reduce the hams and to align the tracks well with one another.

The template is nice news for those who made lots of podcasts. Podcasts face almost all pod casters. You can now set up music, artwork, empty audio tracks, episode numbers etc as templates and reuse them for each new episode. This is a tedious job and automatically takes care of the best.

At the level

Like your professional recording studio on your iPhone and iPad. Like your professional recording studio on your iPhone and iPad.

Auto leveling and noise reduction do what they say and you can preprocess and optimize audio files before you start editing. Podcaster and journalist Jason Snell judged that these features can be used more than the tools used on the Mac, compared to the tools used on Mac.

If you are a little interested in Ferrite Recording Studio, please check it. You can use the application for free, you can unlock all functions by in-app purchase. Like other freemium apps, ferrite is fully usable in the free state in fact.

price: Free for in-app purchase

download: Ferrite recording studio in the App Store (iOS)

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