Ferrite, Halide, Sorted 3, and other amazing apps of the week

This week I will listen to iOS 12-y apps Halide and Sorted 3 and re-record ferrite and cloudy podcasts. All of this week's app has been updated, but it's quite amazing.

Ferrite Recording Studio 2.0

Not enough for Skype recording, Ferrite gets everything you need to make a podcast.
Photo: Charlie Sorel / Cult of the Mac

Ferrite is a one stop shop for making podcasts. There is an excellent tool for recording audio and editing that audio quickly. The excellent new features of version 2.0 are as follows.

  • 8 band equalizer
  • Project template
  • Auto leveling and noise reduction

A template is that you do not need to re-create the project for each episode and you can throw away the Mac for pre-processing the audio file.

price: Free for in-app purchase

download: Ferrite recording studio in the App Store (iOS)


Halide's new Portrait Matte uses custom blurring.
Halide's new Portrait Matte uses custom blurring.
Photo: Halide

Halide is a great manual / RAW camera application for iPhone. V1.9 adds huge features for iOS 12 users. I am using the new Portrait Effects Matte.

This is a mask created by the depth camera, separating the subject from the background. This is used to blur the background and give a new "blur effect". Halide uses a custom background blur different from iPhone's built-in portrait mode camera.

Halide also adds support for new iPhone size, Siri Shortcuts and so on.

price: $ 6.99

download: Halide from the App Store (iOS)


The redesign of cloudy looks amazing.
The redesign of cloudy looks amazing.
Photo: Cloudy

Top podcast listening application This cloud has become a big renewal this week. Like many other apps, it now works on iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts. You can control the app by voice and never open the cloud itself. However, it also brought about a transformation to make it easier to use and a new killer function.

Cloudy can transfer up to 20 podcasts to Apple at night during sleeping and while all devices are connected to the power supply. Also, listening to a podcast, you can even adjust the volume using Apple 's crown.

price: Free for in-app purchase

download: Cloudy in the App Store (iOS)

Sorted 3

Photo: Sorted

Sorted 3 is Sorted's complete do-ver, scheduling app. If you like cultured code things, I love sorting. You can do simple interaction just like a clean quiet design. Actually, it is similar to it, so please tell me what the difference is.

The sorted calendar is permanently fixed in the upper left corner of the window (iPad) and is easily accessible on the iPhone. By dragging an event to this calendar you can assign a date.

It is much easier to add time and alerts to tasks in Sorted, and there is also support for folders. It is not a sorted copy – it is totally different – it has exactly the same feel. It certainly is a very good thing.

price: Free for in-app purchase

download: 3 sorted from App Store (iOS)

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