Your Apple data download can tell you how much you've spent

With GDPR, Apple allows customers to download a copy of their data. I recently got my Apple data download and I found something interesting. Since it ctains a list of all the ctent you have purchased with an Apple device, you can calculate how much you spent.

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Apple Data Download Spending

So, if you downloaded your file, you will see a bunch of folders ctaining spreadsheets.

  Screenshot of my Apple data download spreadsheet.

  1. " iTunes Downloads.csv. "
  2. You can open in Numbers, or the spreadsheet applicati of your choice.
  3. There are a lot of columns, but you will see e that ctains prices. Free apps list simply " 0E + 00 ."

So, no matter which program you use, you can add a line below the last e, then use a SUM formula to add them automatically. If you have more spreadsheets than me, you will probably be able to break it down from year to year. As you can see the screen capture I took, this also includes recurring subscriptis.

I did not spend as much as I thought: since 2011 when I had my first Apple device (iTouch 5th Gen).

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