WPA3 will improve your Wi-Fi security, if your router supports it

Wi-Fi Alliance has begun certifying wireless devices for WPA3, a new security protocol replacing aging WPA2, with enhanced authenticati and encrypti measures to protect the networks of individuals and businesses against unauthorized access.

WPA3 makes behind-the-scenes changes that are not immediately visible to users about how devices cnect to each other, especially to make it as difficult as possible for an attacker to access the network. Even if users create passwords for a Wi-Fi network csidered weak, WPA3 has other elements that increase the difficulty.

There are two WPA3 protecti variants, named WPA3-Persal and WPA3-Enterprise, which offer slightly different levels of protecti.

WPA3-Persal uses ccurrent peer authenticati (SAE), a secure key setup protocol that forces devices to communicate with an access point or a remote other device before attempting to use a network password. This effectively closes a security hole under earlier versis of WPA where an attacker could perform dictiary-based attacks against data packets collected outside the network.

The Enterprise versi adds 192-bit encrypti to transmit data, making it more difficult for attackers to decrypt data packets in a short period of time.

The start of WPA3 certificati does not mean that it will be immediately available to users, nor that their current network equipment will be obsolete. While it will slowly unfold in new products, …

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