Woman immortalized by 5-foot iPhe tombste in Russia

An unusual graveste has been discovered a Russian cemetery that takes the form of a gigantic iPhe, a 5 meter high recreati of the popular smartphe with a picture of the deceased the screen.

Images of the gigantic iPhe surfaced Wednesday, after grieving people noticed the local media about the unusual memorial, reports Mirror. The ste iPhe was established earlier this year and commemorates the death of 25-year-old Rita Shameeva, who died of unknown causes in January 2016.

The iPhe measures 5 feet high, is made of basalt and has a picture of the deceased the screen. The ste itself is quite detailed, with images of the Home butt, earphe loudspeaker, volume and standby butts, reversing camera and even an Apple logo the back, all in a black ste structure with white highlights.

The high nature and the unusual design fell into the eyes of other patrs of the cemetery, with e who said to the local press: "I thought I had hallucinatis, how can an American smartphe suddenly appear in our cemetery?" And so ?? s big? "

There are few details about the life of the pers, except an enthusiastic traveler and friends in Germany. Although it is plausible that Shameeva had a passi for smartphes and self-portrait photography, it is unlikely that she was specifically a big fan of Apple, as photos show with the help of other smartphe brands.

It is unclear who made the funerary mument, with the current cvicti that it is commissied by a Siberian company that produces "death supplies".

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