With patent applicati of Apple Watch, always screen mode is guessed

A patent applicati related to Apple watch speculates that it may be working a mode in which the screen is always .

This was a few demanding features, but there are two issues.

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Clearly it is battery life. Depending the model and usage pattern, Apple Watch can be comfortably de in a very lg day to a few days, as the screen is for a relatively short time.

However, some of the smart watches return to a relatively gray grayscale mode and display times when you are not actively using the watch. Apple already has low power time indicati that switches to night and watch slows with batteries.

The secd issue is that OLED screens are easy to burn, and Apple's patents should be addressed.

The way Apple explains does not prevent burn-in. Rather, I will explain how to artificially adjust the brightness and color of certain areas of the screen. The specific thing that Apple is seeking for a patent is an efficient way to store the usage data needed to accomplish this.

Organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays commly used in computing device displays degrade in an uneven manner over the lifetime, leading to undesirable color / brightness artifacts. In order to address this problem, the burn-in statistics recording the history usage information associated with a given OLED display are used to artificially adjust the operati of the OLED display so as to achieve visual uniformity throughout its operati It can be substantially recovered. In particular, such burn-in statistics can take the form of high resoluti, multi-channel images …



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