Why you should use iOS 12’s Do Not Disturb at Bedtime all day lg

The best new feature of iOS 12 could be Do not disturb at bedtime. It sounds boring, but ask anye who has used the beta and they will tell you it's a shake-up. In additi to being active overnight, the main difference between the Do Not Disturb Classic feature and the new "at bedtime" versi is that all notificatis are hidden until that time. that you sweep them deliberately.

Regular Do Not Disturb removes audio and vibrating alerts, but notificatis always appear the lock screen. You'll see them every time you take your iPhone or unlock your iPad. This can mean the difference between enjoying your afterno at the beach in peace or worrying all the time because you have accidentally seen this Slack message from your boss.

Would not it be great if you could take the classic do not disturb and hide your alerts all day lg? The good news is that you can totally.

All day

We will start with something radical. We will plan Do not disturb at bedtime to run all day. Then, when we want to receive alerts, we can quickly disable it from the lock screen.

This trick exploits a neat glitch / feature in the Do Not Disturb settings of iOS 12. You know how to enable and disable do not disturb mode from the ctrol center? Simply slide to the ctrol center, then press the small crescent mo ic



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