Why AT & T, Veriz want to track everything your phe

At t the code cference this week, AT & T CEO Randall Stephens spoke about the currently blocked acquisiti of Time Warner. But Stephens also explicitly revealed a reas why AT & T wants to buy the cable company in the first place.

"(Time Warner) has an incredible advertising inventory that they are selling wholesale.This is not a very targeted approach," Stephens said. You can view the full interview YouTube, but it can be summarized as follows: AT & T wants to take advantage of the "incredible amount" of data that it already collects its customers for show targeted ads Time Warner ctent.

For ctext, AT & T collects a massive amount of data about its customers. In Stephens's own words, this goes from the type of ctent that users see to the exact locati of their smartphes.

This is not an original strategy either. Veriz did something similar when he bought Yahoo and AOL last year, The Verge reported in April 2017. Veriz uses particular cookies to track all websites that e user visit, as well as the locati of their

It is pretty clear where AT & T and Veriz could be headed. As further evidence of this, Stephens also answered a questi about going " foot" with Silic Valley. "I believe that if you do not create a pure vertically integrated capacity of distributi throughout the ctent creative and advertising models, you will have a hard time competing with these guys," …

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