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In this week's Cult of Mac magazine : Analysts were extremely pessimistic about the iPhone X, with almost daily predictis that the high-end model of Apple was a flop. And they were all wrg. Tim Cook has just said that the iPhone X has been Apple's best-selling model for every week since its launch, and that sales of all the company's phes have increased in the last quarter. How were the analysts wrg?

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Why Was Everye Wrg About The iPhone X
Analysts have been extremely pessimistic about the l & # 39; iPhone X, with almost daily predictis that the high-end model of Apple was a flop. iPhone X has been Apple's best-selling model for every week since its launch, and sales of all the company's phes have increased over the last quarter, how are analysts mistaking themselves? ?

  2 5 big revelatis from Apple's call in Q2
Tim Cook and the chief financial officer of Apple Luca Maestri investors. Everye was expecting the iPhone X to be a bust, but even Apple was surprised by its success as it still dominates the sales of the iPhone. New products are also the horiz as Apple executives make fun of new products coming off its pipeline.

 3 The MacBook's Butterfly Keyboard Begets the Recall Petiti
The recent MacBook's butterfly keyboard is causing frequent complaints, and these have increased to the point that line petiti asks Apple to recall all MacBook Pro.

  7 iOS 11.3 breaks some iPhone 7 pickups
Recent Apple software updates have broken some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 pickups. Users report that they can not be heard during calls since the update to iOS 11.3 or later, Apple has notified authorized service providers that they can undertake repairs if necessary – even devices that are no lger covered by a warranty [19659017] gil ” width=”350″ height=”263″ class=”alignleft size-roundup-350-auto wp-image-546295″/> Shop our Mother's Day Gift Guide!
Sunday May 13 – Mark this and get ready to pay tribute to the woman who gave you life. How about a little something for his Apple Watch? We've put together a great collecti of Apple Watch tapes, chargers and stands, all specially selected for the most important woman in your life. See our summary here. And, be sure to visit our watch store!

  9 5 Things to Expect from Google I / O 2018
Google I / O 2018 is right around the corner.You may not be all excited for if you ly use Apple devices but you should be. The platforms could well shape the future of all smartphes, wearables, etc. Here are five great things we expect from this year's Google I / O keynote, which will begin Tuesday, May 8th.

  8 Finding which applicatis will stop working Macs
Sometimes, probably very so, your Mac will stop running 32-bit applicatis. All new Macs have 64-bit processors, and Apple wants to phase out older 32-bit applicatis in order to "speed up system performance" for your entire Mac. This means that in a future versi not yet specified macOS, 32-bit applicatis will stop working completely.

  10 How to take lg pictures of the iPhone
They say the best camera is the e you have with you. And when is the iPhone not with you? IPhe photography has created a whole new generati of amateur photographers. While you are looking for the next app to help you produce great photos, did you know that you can easily recreate a lg exposure image directly in the app?

  x Juke's Vitero Apple Watch are back!
Our friends from Juuk have de it again! The Hg Kg-based company has created an all-aluminum watch bracelet with an aggressive design inspired by motor racing. Juuk's Vitero group looks, feels and behaves like no other Apple Watch band the market – or any group of watches from elsewhere. Available now in our Watch Shop

  12 PodPocket is the AirPods accessory that you will love
The AirPods case is a small miracle that resembles a floss ctainer. Maybe you like this white plastic design, but for me it seems a bit clinical. Not to menti the fact that when my wife will inevitably have a pair of AirPods, we will be cstantly cfused about the little white suit that belgs to her and that is mine.

  12 Improve Your line Experience With Purify
Have you ever visited a website just to be bombarded with pop-ups, ads, and "dickbars"? Purifying the Advertising Blocker for iOS will put these JavaScript tracers and these ads the sidewalk, giving you a faster and more cfidential browsing experience.

  14 Mitor recognizes faces and sees in the dark
Invidyo brings a range of improvements to the baby mitor, including facial recogniti. He sends alerts when he sees a familiar or unknown face. It detects smiles, so you get a highlight of the laughs of the day. Notificatis come when there is noise, moti, temperature changes, dangerous humidity levels, air quality or smoke.

  MacBook Pro The CultCast iPhone X is a huge success!
episode of The CultCast : Analysts all wrg – iPhone X is a massive success. Plus: the death of 3D Touch begins with the iPhone 2018; the best-known Apple analyst in the world could no lger report Apple; The range of AirPort routers from Apple is officially dead; and we present you our favorite shows, movies and vodkas.

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