WhatsApp: How to enable two-step verificati

WhatsApp can provide end-to-end encrypti for your cversatis, but it's incredibly easy to cnect to your account. The two-step verificati will make your account more secure, and it's easy to set up. Read to learn how.

To enable two-step verificati for your WhatsApp account, follow these steps:

  • Start the WhatsApp app your iPhone or other smartphe
  • Press Settings
  • Press Account
  • Select Two-Step Verificati
  • Press Enable

WhatsApp allows you to To require a PIN to access your account when logging in from a new device

  • Enter a six-digit code to use as a verificati PIN
  • Enter an email address to reset your PIN if you forget the number
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    Dial your six-digit PIN to prevent users from cnecting to your WhatsApp account

The next time you sign in to your WhatsApp account, you will need to provide the PIN code to access your chats. Keep your six-digit code in a safe place, such as your password management applicati, so you do not forget it.

Too bad that WhatsApp does not allow you to set a password for …

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