What USB-C can mean for 4K external display support with the 2018 iPad Pro

Following our discoveries of Memoji synchrizati and a & # 39; iPad2018Fall & # 39; series in the first iOS 12.1 developer beta, developer Steve Trought-Smith has this year discovered a hint the new iPad Pro models. In the Xcode Simulator for iOS 12.1, says Smith, a hint might be a clue to support for 4K external screens for this year's iPad Pros …

Smith explains that the Xcode Simulator for iOS 12.1 supports a new output resoluti of 3.840 × 2160 resoluti. This new 4K opti joins the previously existing optis of 640 × 480, 1024 × 768, 720p and 1008p.

Currently, the output from an iOS device to a 4K external display is not possible. Apple sells a Lightning Digital AV adapter, which is cnected to existing iPhe, iPad and iPod devices via Lightning. However, this adapter can ly be implemented with a resoluti up to 1080p.

The logical cclusi here is that the iPad Pros from 2018 – which will probably be delivered with iOS 12.1 – will add support for the output of 4K resoluti to external displays.

Furthermore, Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that the iPad Pros of 2018 will drop the Lightning cnectivity in favor of USB-C.

What does this mean?

Here are a few possibilities. The most exciting thing to think about is that this year Apple could add support for 4K support for external display to the iPad Pro via USB-C. This would theoretically mean that users can cnect their iPad Pro to an external display via a single USB-C cable.

Another possibility is that Apple plans a new dgle for existing Lightning devices that add support for 4K output. The existing Lightning dgle is popular with educatial and business users, so releasing an updated 4K dgle is certainly not out of the questi.

Ultimately, a large part of this comes with the territory of USB-C support in general. If Apple really wants to switch from Lightning to USB-C cnectivity with the 2018 iPad Pros, the device opens up a whole new world in the field of accessories, including 4K screens.

Persally, USB-C the iPad Pro intrigues me, but I'm skeptical about how well Apple will optimize iOS for the wide range of accessories that support the new cnecti opti.

What do you think of a USB-C iPad Pro? Do you see that the capabilities of the device are being expanded a large scale? Let us know in the comments.

New in iOS 12.1: the iOS Simulator supports virtualized external 4K screens. This is not possible an existing iOS device via the Lightning HDMI adapter – gives credibility to the iPad, maybe you get a USB-C port for 4K video out? pic.twitter.com/WfNBerHIrb

– Steve Trought-Smith (@stroughtsmith) September 19, 2018

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