What to Expect From the Next Apple Watch, Series 4

There are lots of predictis about the next Apple Watch, Series 4 announced in September 2018 at rumor factory. I will upgrade the possibilities and probabilities.

Apple Watch OS 4.3 Update

Apple watch will be more exciting.

The most attractive guess I have seen is related to physical design and health mitoring. However, there are some intriguing side functis comm to Intel that are collected. So let's dig it up.

Apple Watch physical design

e rumor I discounted is rounded. The round display was outdated and was born in the era when the hands of the watch and the clock were rotated. Modern smart watch has to display a lot of graphics and text data, ly rectangular display makes no sense.

That is, Apple maintains the same basic dimensis in the four models of Series 0, 1, 2, 3. Since the design of Series 0 was frozen in 2014, there have been many changes in semicductor technology. Even though Series 4 is thinner, it knows all that it has a much lger battery life than any other pers. How can you do it?

You will not take as much to look like so much cooler in the way of 1 mm or 2 mm shaving from the thickness of Apple Watch. However, if you can reduce the size of the logic board and related circuits and sensors, if the size of the case is a bit larger, you can extend the x and y dimensis of the battery. (Or, it is supplemented with a watch band, which will be explained later.) In other words, the capacity of the battery: [new] (X + dx) * (y + dy) * (z – dz) > [old] Catsyz.

Of course, if the case is large, the larger the display, the higher the power csumpti will be. That is, if Apple has not found a display technology that csumes less power than OLED. Apple may be doing with MicroLED. It probably is more than offsetting the modest es …



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