What the Surge says in Apple popularity about our culture

The Apple Series 4 seems to have tapped into a new cultural theme. And it will accelerate. Series 4 pre-orders are reportedly better than expected. This is the meaning.

Apple Series 4

Apple Series 4 with new faces and complicatis

When Apple was first delivered in 2015, it was csidered a new kind of smart. Early ads from Apple tended to show a wide range of activities that were possible with the Apple. It was a real spectacle of functis. The marketing approach was to show how many different things the Apple could do to awaken the customer's appetite. Apps from third parties were csidered significant. But at the same time, Apple probably had no idea which functis would ctinue to exist, making them preferable: typical elements of the Apple.

That is now changing.

[[[[The Apple is now the intelligent guard of the Milky Way ]

Cultural pressure

Our current culture is flooded with pressure that seems to be accelerating. This can affect how people think about the Apple.

1. Hacking. Not a day goes by without any alarming news about how large amounts of persal informati in a file, by an internet company, have been compromised.

2. Attacks our devices. Each new OS update comes complete with a host of solutis designed to withstand imaginative attempts to break into our devices. This is certainly a new way of life compared to, for example, 20 years ago.

3. Anti-social media. Nowadays everye has a voice. Everybody. Those who are the worst make the most news. It is difficult to restore a sense of social peace.

4. An angry planet. Our earth is trying to make adjustments. Increasing average temperatures have fanned western forest fires while the polar ice melted. All that now additial liquid water causes flooding of the widesp. The planet departs in a more obvious way from its idyllic past.

5. AI threats. Not a day goes by without it being frightening how AI, in the hands of technical giants, will e day defeat, deceive and manipulate us. There are few rosy predictis.

All of this, in total, can weigh people, even uncsciously.

Apple Protecti Game

Rich Mogull, a security guru, thinks that iOS is the safest mobile OS that exists. And yet we must remain very careful. Apps that are downloaded carelessly and have not been properly screened may damage our privacy.

The Apple goes a step further than the iPhe. First, it is easy to operate and maintain. No tiring backups. (It supports itself to our iPhe.) Security snafts are even rarer than with the iPhe. Secdly, it is intimate, always in ctact with our skin and will probably not be misplaced. That is why it can cstantly tell us things that protect against ourselves and that are helpful and protective. Optical heartbeat and electrical cardiac mitoring are the doorstep. Blood glucose and perhaps blood pressure mitors will so arrive.

In additi, Apple clearly indicates that, in additi to other data, our health data is ly ours. Apple codes it and protects us differently. If there ever was a persal electric device that gives us warm fuzzies about protecting us, in a world full of threats, then it's the Apple. The psychological comfort factor is palpable.

Companies that take it against the Apple think they are competing the smart market. They are wrg. It is the market for protecti and well-being.

When cultural pressure increases, I think the tendency is to find comfort in products and services that seem to restore a sense of security balance. Apple starts in 2014 with a new, perhaps vaguely expected, forecast that a device we carry can become a partner and guardian.

Finally, in the ctext of AI, everything we hear about AI will destroy our jobs, dignity and a whole existence. If Apple extends Apple's learning to persal robots and AI, there might be a new hope for all of us.

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