What can you expect from a large Apple event next week?

this week's Cult of Mac Magazine: An annual Apple event that we were waiting for is nearby.

September 12th, Apple plans a special keynote from Apple Park's Steve Jobs Theater and plans to unveil all the hardware scheduled for autumn.

We expect big news including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch updates. Mack cult. You will find a top story etc. Your free subscripti Cult of Mac Magazine From iTunes. Or read the top story of this week.

Cult of Mac Magazine, Problem 261

<img class = "alignleft size-roundup-350-auto wp-image-574133" title = "N1111" src = "https://cdn.#.com/wp-ctent/uploads/2018/09/N1111-1 -350 x 241.jpg "alt =" apple event” width=”350″ height=”241″/>What to expect from next week's Apple event
September 12, Cupertino calls loyal people "Gather Round" about the announcement of the latest and greatest iPhone and other new Apple products. I read to find out what is in the store.

<img class = "alignleft size-roundup-350-auto wp-image-574093" title = "Apple Watch Series 4" src = "https://cdn.#.com/wp-ctent/uploads/2018/09/ N3-350×197.jpg "alt =" apple watch series 4″ width=”350″ height=”197″/>Apple Watch Series 4 creates a bar for wearables
The rumor about the Apple Watch Series 4 shows the prospect of ctinuing until next week's event. New wearable spill images are already displayed line, but the mystery surrounding the new gadget is much more.

<img class = "alignleft size – roundup – 350 – auto wp – image – 574095" title = "Ken · Ky sanda" src = "https://cdn.#.com/wp-ctent/uploads/2018/09/N4 -350 x 238.jpg "alt =" Ken · Ki – Saenda” width=”350″ height=”238″/>Reas why you could not enter F-word iPhone
Why did Steve Jobs behave strange eyes during the demstrati? What kind of manager was Scott Forstall? These questis and other questis are described in a new book by Ken Kocienda, a former iPhone programmer who had worked for 15 years at Apple to develop the first iPhone, iPad, Safari web browser.

<img class = "alignleft size-roundup-350-auto wp-image-574099" title = "N5" src = "https://cdn.#.com/wp-ctent/uploads/2018/09/N5-1 -350 × 233.jpg "alt =" Ken Kocienda” width=”350″ height=”233″/>Listen to a chat with Leander and Ken Kocienda
Are you interested in working in Apple at the golden age of design? What was the creative process? In this episode of Apple's chat podcast, Leander Kahney is sitting with Ken Kocienda, a programmer who worked at Apple for 15 years during the Steve Jobs era.

<img class = "alignleft size-roundup-350-auto wp-image-574165" title = "N6" src = "https://cdn.#.com/wp-ctent/uploads/2018/09/N6-350×233 .jpg "alt =" the past” width=”350″ height=”233″/>Steve Jobs secretly …



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