What are the new data protecti laws in Europe?

T The new General Data Protecti Regulati of the European Uni is expected to enter into force Friday 25 May.

The GDPR represents the most important change in data security in the EU for decades. It implements a large number of changes in the way data is regulated. First, companies operating in the EU must inform regulators of any data breach within 72 hours. Businesses also need to be much more transparent about the type of data they collect – and why. It also implements a "right to forget".

But even if you are not in Europe, the new set of rules will probably result in big changes.

While the GDPR rules will not apply to people who are not EU residents, foreign websites, businesses and platforms will need to update their practices to avoid to violate the regulatis. This includes US-based behemoths like Google, Apple and Facebook.

While some companies have been in the habit of applying more widely the new set of standards, others have been more hesitant. e of the new rules that GDPR implements is the right for EU csumers to request a copy of the data that a company collects them.

Like other major technology companies, Apple will change its platforms to comply with GDPR. It has launched a new Apple ID website that allows EU users to easily view the data collected by the technological giant of Cupertino.

But Apple says it will bring this same platform of privacy to users in the coming mths.

Facebook, the other hand, will implement …

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