WeatherKit for iPhone and iPad is a great weather app for everye

The weather apps are not missing the App Store. We do not want to count the number of applicatis we have tried. There are many, and WeatherKit is e of them.

  WeatherKit App

You can not go wrg with Dark Sky, Weather Underground or AccuWeather. They all have excellent features. There are so many different things that people demand. Features such as large amounts of data, several different live maps, extended forecasts, or instant precipitati alerts address different people in different ways.

WeatherKit, or Aerium as it was called, is intended for general purpose weather applicati for everye. It does not have as many features as other applicatis, but it is designed to present the information you need, clearly, accurately, and with a beautiful layout.

A Walk Through WeatherKit

When the applicati is launched, the current weather is presented in the middle of a large simple gradient background with a bit of plain English text describing what the weather is like. At the present time, ours says "66 – it is cloudy, but still very good," for example

Under the current weather, there is the highest part of a map with a trio of measures presented; the current weather (again), today 's forecasts and tomorrow' s forecasts. If you swung left these metrics, three more forecasts are displayed. A full five-day forecast can be obtained, but it is included with the pro service

  WeatherKit Forecast Metrics

A swipe upward this map brings it almost full screen, with additial metrics available . After sweeping, air quality index, precipitati …

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