Warren Buffet buys an impressive 75 milli shares of Apple (additial)

M all the financial experts thought that Apple would be affected by the decline in smartphe sales and would cut the producti of the iPhone X, but it turns out that the billiaire investor Warren Buffet did not belg to it.

After CNBC, he bought 75 milli shares in the company during the first quarter of 2018. That's in additi to the $ 120 milli. additial shares that he acquired last year.

In an interview with the broadcaster, he called Apple is an "incredible business". Buffet said, "I think he's winning almost twice as much as the secd most profitable company in the United States."

There can be no denying the fact that Apple ctinues to dominate the world of technology, having sold 52.2 milli iPhones and realized profits. $ 13.8 billi at the beginning of the year

The Cupertino technology firm announced these figures Tuesday, as part of its first quarter financial results. Overall, the company outperformed the predictis made by Wall Street analysts.

Despite the fact that most experts speculated that Apple would release disappointing results in the first quarter, Buffet did not hesitate to buy more shares in the company. also downplayed the idea of ​​analysts focusing solely short-term iPhone shipments. Buffet's point of view is that Apple is a stable lg-term investment – regardless of what happens to its smartphes.

"The idea that you will spend a lot of time trying to figure out how much iPhone X … is going to be sold in a 3 mth period totally misses the point. It's like …

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