Use PhoPaper to turn drawings into music, and sound into images

PhoPaper is like a barcode for audio.
Photo: Alexander Zolotov / YouTube

PhoPaper is an iPhone applicati that turns sound into images, and uses the camera to turn images into sound. This is also probably the most fun you will have with your iPhone today.

Transforming Images into Music

PhoPaper does two things. e is to allow you to record a sound, and then the applicati turns it into a kind of 2D barcode. There are several codes available the PhoPaper website to try. Here is an excerpt from Bach's "Prelude and Fugue No. 8", for example

  Point the camera of your iPhone  this e to read it. Point the camera of your iPhone it to read it
ΩAlexander Zolotov

If you point the built-in camera to this image, the screen or the paper, it will recognize the image as a piece of music (partly thanks to the bands at the top and bottom, which helps the software to orientate it). When you move the camera back and forth, it acts as a playhead a piece of magnetic tape. Moving faster plays music faster -…

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