How to Use Dual SIM iPhe Xs and Xs Max

e of the main highlights of the 2018 iPhes is the dual-SIM support. This lg-awaited feature means a lot to users who want more flexibility in the choice or switching of operators. If there was no resistance from the operators, Apple would have introduced the digital SIM card the iPhe much soer. In any case, better late than never! Let’s see how to use the dual SIM card iPhe Xs or Xs Max.

As mentied above, the dual SIM card offers several advantages. For example, you can keep e number for your business and another for persal calls. Even if you do not run a business, you want the privilege of two phe numbers.

When traveling abroad, you can easily add a local data plan to save a lot of mey. Better yet, it gives you the freedom to get separate voice and data packages for a more streamlined experience.

What is eSIM?

Before diving into the process of cfiguring Dual SIM iPhes 2018, I would like to talk about eSIM briefly.

“E” means an integrated SIM card. Unlike the physical SIM card, eSIM is integrated into the device. It’s a tiny chip that allows you to verify your identity with an operator.

eSIM was already available the latest iPad and Apple Watch. Now, the technology giant has decided to bring it also iPhes.

What you need to know

  • ce you enable eSIM, your iPhe will ly be able to use e cellular data network at a time.
  • Do not forget that if e of your numbers is busy, incoming calls the other number will automatically be sent to voicemail. This will ly happen if you have enabled it for your operator.
  • Apple will add dual SIM support for compatible iPhes later this year through the iOS 12 software update.
  • You will ly be able to use two different operators your unlocked iPhe.
  • To date, Apple’s eSIM is supported ly in 10 countries, including Austria, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, India, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Outraged; operators must offer compatibility with the digital SIM card. At present, ly AT & T, T-Mobile and Veriz support it in the United States.
  • For China and Hg Kg, Apple will launch a special versi of the iPhe Xs and Xs Max to allow users to insert two physical SIM cards.

How to use Dual SIM iPhe Xs and iPhe Xs Max

Quick Navigati:

How to cfigure Cellular Plan with eSIM iPhe Xs or Xs Max

Going into a cellular plan using eSIM is simple because it ly has a few steps.

Step 1. Launch the Applying settings your iOS device → Tap Cellular.

Step 2. Now, tap Add a cellular plan

Step 3 Then use your iPhe’s camera to scan the QR code offered by your carrier.

In some cases, you will receive cfirmati from the carrier. Enter it to enable eSIM your iPhe Xs.


  • There is also an opti to manually enter your plan informati. To do this, press Enter details manually basically. Then follow the instructis to complete the process.
  • To activate your cellular plan with an operator applicati, download its applicati the App Store first. Then choose a preferred cellular plan of the applicati.

How to change eSIM iPhe Xs and Xs Max

Although you are allowed to store multiple eSim in your iPhe, you will ly be able to use e at a time.

Step 1. Open Applying settings your iPhe.

2nd step. Now press CellularCellular plans.

Step 3 Then tap the plan you want to use.

Step 4 Then press Light up This line.

ce your secd plan comes into effect, you can label the plans according to your needs. For example, you will be able to label a Business Plan and the other Persal Plan. Ctinue reading …

How to label your cellular plans

You can select the phe number to use to make or receive calls and messages. In additi, there is also an opti to specify a number for cellular data and even assign a number to your ctacts.

Step 1. Open Applying settings your iPhe → Cellular.

2nd step. Now press the number which label you want to change.

Step 3 Then press Cellular plane label and choose a new label or Enter a custom label.

Another notable thing is the ability to set your default number and choose the number to use ly for cellular data.

Use Primary as the default line: When selecting this opti, the voice, SMS, Data, iMessage, and FaceTime will use Primary by default. The secdary will be used ly for voice and SMS.

Use the secdary as the default line: As for functiality, it’s exactly the opposite of the first opti. This means that if you choose this e, the voice, SMS, Data, iMessage, and FaceTime will use Secdary by default. The primary will be used for voice and SMS.

Use Secdary ly for cellular data: It is explicit and allows you to use the secd line ly for cellular data.

Set your default number  the iPhe Xs or Xs MaxHow to manage cellular parameters

Apple gives you the freedom to manage the cellular parameters of each of your plans.

Step 1. Open Settings → Tap Cellular.

2nd step. Now, press the telephe line.

Step 3 Tap each opti and Persalize the opti if necessary.

Manage cellular settings  iPhe Xs or Xs Max

How to make your iPhe remember the number to use for calls

For a more simplified experience, the iPhe automatically uses the same number you used last time. However, you have the opti to set the number to use for your calls with a ctact.

Step 1. Head to the ctact and press it.

2nd step. Now press Preferred cellular plan so what select the number you want to use with this ctact.

Make your iPhe remember the number to use for calls

Note: If e of your phe numbers is busy, an incoming call your other number will be sent to voicemail ly if you have it enabled. e thing to note is that you wt receive a missed call notificati from your secdary number.

How to change your phe number for a call

You can change the phe numbers before making a call.

Step 1. Press the informati butt in the phe applicati.

Tap I Ic in Phe App  iPhe

Step 2. Press the current phe number so what select your other number.

Change phe number for a call  iPhe Xs or Xs Plus

Note: When using a keypad, enter the phe number and press it. Then press the number you want to use.

Depending your needs, you can choose the phe line using iMessage.

How to choose the phe line using iMessage and FaceTime

Step 1. Open Settings → Tap posts → Tap iMessage & FaceTime Line.

2nd step. Now choose the phe number you want to use.

How to change your phe number before sending an SMS / MMS

To make sure that you can send SMS using the preferred phe number, iOS allows you to edit it before pressing the send butt.

Step 1. launching Message applicati your phe.

2nd step. Now, press the New butt at the top right of the screen.

Step 3 Then enter your Ctact Name then press the current phe number.

Step 4 Finally, choose the number you want to use.

How to change the cell number

At the same time, e number will use the cellular data. However, you can change this opti to suit your needs.

Step 1. Open Applying settings your iPhe → Tap Cellular Cellular data.

2nd step. Now you have to select the number you want to use cellular data.

Change the cellular data numberThat’s all, guys!

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