US Senate Votes Restore Net Neutrality and Should Face Major Barrier in House

The United States Senate today voted to repeal the order of the Federal Communicatis Commissi the Restorati of Freedom of the Internet, promulgated in December last and that has reversed the rules of neutrality of the Net. Today's decisi ended with a vote of 52-47 in favor of reinstating net neutrality protectis, with supporters totaling 47 Democratic Senators, two independents and three Senators. Republicans.

Senate Democrats used the Cgressial Review Act to call for a vote to end the repeal of Net Neutrality. The law gives Cgress 60 days to review and possibly reverse the regulatis passed by a federal agency, in this case the FCC.

Under the law, the decisi will now move to the House of Representatives, where it is expected that it will not overtake the Republican majority House. If the measure eventually arrives at President Trump's office, it is also thought that he would not support the decisi to go against a regulati created by his own FCC president. , Ajit Pai.

Net neutrality has been an increasingly heated debate since the arrival of the FCC under Republican ctrol last fall, predicting the repeal of the rules that were finally enacted in December . If new efforts fail, net neutrality rules will officially end in the United States in less than a mth, June 11, 2018.

The Reversal of Net Neutrality Protectis ranks ISPs as "information service" providers, as they were before the advent of Net Neutrality in 2015. While the supporters of rollback describe …

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